Slide Center of excellence in metal manufacturing

for decarbonation
Center of excellence in
metal manufacturing
for decarbonation

Your reliable partner on the road to
zero-carbon emissions

Over the last 20 years, ACS Steel Group has become a well-known actor of decarbonation. Its primary family business is the boiler making ACS, which is specialized in hydroelectricity and makes very technical unit parts and prototypes for diverse energy markets and R&D mainly. The new entity of the group, SteelHy, works together with its partners to design, industrialize, and integrate their storage and distribution systems of renewable energies (hydrogen station, skids, containerization solutions, etc.) and decarbonation solutions for the industry.


By investing in R&D and industry 4.0, SteelHy wants to become the French metal leader in the development of a competitive hydrogen and biogas chain of excellence in France and abroad.

Since February 2022, IDEC Group has become a strategic equity partner of SteelHy. This partnership reflects IDEC Group’s desire to support innovative companies and build a clever ecosystem for decarbonation and green energies to address its clients’ issues. This strategy is perfectly in line with the first commitment of ACS Steel Group: to reach the zero-carbon goal.

The road to renewable energies ?

It is necessary to achieve a successful energy transition

SteelHy sees biogas as indispensable instruments to succeed in the energy transition. They make the decarbonation of economic sectors such as industry or mobility possible, especially when electrification is not a realistic option.

Commercial deployment of production, storage and distribution technological solutions is essential to make these solutions competitive.

SteelHy takes part in building a French hydrogen and biogas chain of excellence to support its partners in the industrialization of their solutions.

For you

Our expertise is your strength

You are a collectivity, a company, a manufacturer and you wish :

To carry the image of your city or your organization

To make your own station design a reality

To be supported in the industrialization process of your solutions

To manufacture your skids and integrate them in your


We will be your partner: we will complement your industrial tool and help you to address growing needs of multiple markets.

Actor in decarbonation over the last 20 years

A philosophy

Your center of excellence in metal manufacturing for renewable energies.
1 Confidentiality about<br>your technologies

Confidentiality about
your technologies

Every project is planned in order to guarantee the confidentiality of your fabrications and processes.
2 Traceability<br>& guarantee of origin

& guarantee of origin

Our mechanism aims to ensure the traceability of every piece in order to provide a guarantee of origin to your service.
3 Control over time<br>& manufacturing quality

Control over time
& manufacturing quality

We ensure you immediate responsiveness through all along our partnership.
4 Reliability<br>& engagement

& engagement

Our ISO 9001 certification attests for our reliability and quality of work.

Our skills

Industrial<br />


We help you to give a personalized image to your products.
Engineering Office

Engineering Office

We support you in the development of your products.
Skids<br />


We develop, manufacture, and assemble your gas piping kits.
Pressurized equipment manufacturing

Pressurized equipment manufacturing

Following the PED.


We support you in the installation of your solutions.
R&D Department

R&D Department

We work alongside with you to make your products evolve.
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

We invest in an innovative production tool for you.
Dossier quality’s elaboration

Dossier quality’s elaboration

We use our 20-year expertise at your service.

Our products

Innovation, design, industrialization, and integration of your products’ metal parts.

Ours news

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Our ecosystem

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SteelHy, your reliable partner on the road to zero-carbon emissions.

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